Google Core Algorithm Update October 2023

Google Core Algorithm Update October 2023

On 19th October 2023, Google completed the rollout of its October 2023 Core Update. The process that took 14 days to complete is the third Google Core Algorithm Update for the year 2023, the latest update before this was rolled out in August while the first update was rolled out in March.

Similar to past core updates, the changes are expected to unfold over several weeks.  Hence, variations in search engine results page (SERPs) may be observed throughout this period, while user experience may be impacted as well.

With three major core updates within a year, it may be helpful to learn what the latest core update entails and what can be expected post the roll-out. Let’s find out

About the Google Core Algorithm Update October 2023

The primary objective of the Google October 2023 Core Update is to improve search quality while minimizing the presence of low-quality, spam content in search results. Here are some quick facts:

Name Google October 2023 Broad Core Update
Launch and Rollout date October 5, 2023- October 19, 2023
Targets All types of content- Aimed at promoting and rewarding high-quality web pages
Outreach Affects all regions and languages globally
Impact Specific percentage undisclosed; broad and rapid impact typical of core updates. Some websites may experience significant changes while others may not be affected at all.
Influence Impacts Google Discover, feature snippets, and other features
Recovery If you are affected by the update, review and align content with Google’s core update advice
Evaluation Periodic algorithm refreshes expected; updates may not always be communicated, possibly contributing to observed unconfirmed changes in recent weeks.

What to Consider and Why

Google constantly refines its search algorithms for optimal and relevant results. These modifications range from minor query updates to significant changes, such as yearly broad core algorithm updates.

That said, marketers should monitor these shifts to keep their websites optimized and visible amid search engine requirements. Awareness of search result volatility can be beneficial for marketers in maintaining visibility and adapting to evolving algorithms. Moreover, adapting your SEO strategies according to the evolving search algorithms is also essential for maintaining a competitive edge.

Here are some pertinent aspects that must be considered in this regard:

  • User experience– Key determinants of website rankings include factors such as page load speed, mobile-friendliness, and user-friendly navigation. It is important to ensure a smooth and engaging user experience.
  • Content quality- As you know Google prefers content that is high-quality, relevant, and authoritative. If you want to retain or improve your rankings, you must continue to provide valuable information to users 
  • E-E-A-T (Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) – Google greatly values publishers’ expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness within their particular fields. Establishing expertise and credibility in your niche can significantly boost your rankings,

Key Takeaways

Google algorithm updates are relevant for all brands, and businesses being aware of these updates can impact the performance of your site in search results. Whether the impact on rankings is positive or negative, it can directly affect your organic traffic, conversions, and revenue.

Being aware of when Google implements these updates provides a reference point and may help you assess whether the changes in your website ranking and performance are attributed to some modifications made on your end or variations in Google’s ranking algorithm.

At the same time, it is important to consider that your SEO approach must continue to evolve with the changes in the SEO landscape. You must focus on creating quality content and enhancing user experience. However, it is also important to consider that ranking fluctuations may occur, so besides striving for continuous improvement, patience is key to remaining steadfast. Continue to monitor your analytics and rankings to assess the effects of the latest core update, while also considering what you can do to improve and stay competitive.