Improve results, reduce costs and save time with expert PPC management


Its always easy to launch a campaign, but complications start driving in when you try to improve the results while lowering the costs. For this, you need an expert strategist. We, at Adhamster, use the tracking of your sales, forms and phone calls coupled with a detailed analysis of your campaign data to develop a PPC strategy that lowers the cost while simultaneously improving the results.


We are entrepreneurs
and innovators
of Pay Per Click

With 10+ years experience, accompanied with various multinational clients, we provide a diversified portfolio of PPC which includes Search, Display, Shopping and Video Ads, along with a recommendation that which Ad type will work best for your business.

Competence, Reliability, Honesty, Integrity – these definitions characterize our employees in the best way.

PPC Audit

Identify problems and opportunities in your PPC Account

Search Ads

Target the top four slots at the top of the search results page

PPC Management

Expert Management of your PPC to cut costs and improve results

Display Ads

Target new customers or stay visible to previous website visitors

Shopping Ads

Drive the traffic towards your E-Commerce website

Video Ads

Capture new audience by playing video ads before other videos

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