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Are you struggling to get optimal results from your PPC campaigns? You are not alone! For many businesses, improving the results of campaigns while lowering costs often does not go hand in hand. While PPC campaigns are instrumental in enhancing your brand awareness, reaching your target audience, and driving traffic to your site, it all hinges on an effective PPC marketing strategy and we at adHamster are here to lend a hand. As an expert pay-per-click management company, we offer a wide range of PPC services to elevate your PPC marketing efforts, while enabling you to optimize costs and improve results. Our full-service solutions are designed to enhance PPC campaigns for businesses of all sizes.


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PPC Services

With 10+ years of experience, accompanied by various multinational clients, we provide a diversified portfolio of PPC and recommend which Ad type will work best for your business. Competence, Reliability, Honesty, Integrity – these definitions characterize our employees in the best way.

PPC Audit

We conduct comprehensive PPC audits to identify opportunities for improving and optimizing the performance of your ad campaigns. We analyze every aspect of your existing campaigns, assess ad performance, and evaluate your account structure and relevance of keywords to derive concrete data and use it to make recommendations for improvements. We provide actionable insights to enable you to make the most out of your PPC marketing efforts. We offer PPC audits as a standalone service or as a part of our ongoing PPC management services for your account.

PPC Management Services

When you hire us as your PPC management firm, we employ a holistic approach to cater to all aspects of your paid media strategy. Our PPC campaign management services are designed to boost your campaigns and enhance your visibility so you appear at the top in SERPs and can rapidly acquire new customers. From keyword research and effective targeting to ad copywriting and bid management and optimization, we cater to every element to ensure your PPC endeavors achieve the desired results.
You can benefit from our PPC advertising management services to:

  • Appear at the top on the front page of search engines
  • Attract new customers to your business to drive high-quality traffic
  • Make the most of your PPC marketing efforts and translate maximum clicks into conversions
  • Get high-value customers in comparison to cost per conversion


Want to understand and evaluate how your PPC marketing campaigns are faring? Find out if your ad spend is making an impact on your bottom line with our PPC tracking services, as a part of which we evaluate your

  • Cost per click
  • Costs per conversions
  • Click through rates

We offer thorough tag integration and implementation services to facilitate tracking and provide valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Product Feed Creation and Management

We help you to showcase your products effectively! We excel in product feed creation and management to enrich your product data. As your partner PPC advertising company we will ensure your products are represented in a compelling manner in PPC campaigns. We maximize your visibility and drive conversions to enhance the impact of your PPC advertising. 

Keyword Research and Targeting

Efficient keyword research and targeting lay the groundwork for successful PPC campaigns and no one understands this better than adHamster! We invest considerable time and expertise to understand your dynamics including the industry you operate in and the audience you are vying for. This facilitates thorough keyword research and enables the identification of high-performance keywords. These insights are utilized to improve your campaigns and ensure your ads reach the right audience at the right time.

Ad Copywriting

We create compelling messages that resonate with your target audience and drive clicks and conversions. Messages are crafted carefully to highlight your unique value propositions and encourage users to take desired actions, boosting the effectiveness of your PPC marketing campaigns.

Bid management

We employ effective PPC bidding strategies to achieve better results at a low price! Our bid management approach is centered on maximizing visibility while minimizing costs, achieving the best possible results for your PPC campaigns. We raise and lower your keyword bids to increase the ROI on your PPC ads

Landing page optimization

Your site requires a landing page that we custom-built to facilitate the success of your business! We concentrate on enhancing your conversion performance to improve your business results. We achieve this by

  • Ensuring your site receives a high conversion rate from visitors
  • Keeping customer acquisition costs low
  • Maximizing the value of your advertising

The main focus is to enhance page relevance and align your landing page with ad messages to create a consistent post-click user experience and improve overall PPC marketing campaign performance. Our services ensure you have a well-designed offer page to which visitors click through from PPC campaigns, display ads, remarketing, and more. 

PPC Performance Reporting

We offer comprehensive performance reports to outline the performance of your PPC advertising campaigns with detailed insights. The analysis comprises key metrics including CTR (click-through rates), CPC (cost per click), conversion rate and ROI followed by actionable recommendations to further fine-tune the PPC campaign strategy and strive for better outcomes.

Remarketing and Retargeting

We implement remarketing and retargeting strategies to re-engage users to encourage them to complete desired actions. Strategic remarketing and retargeting efforts to maximize engagement with potential customers showing interest in your products previously can facilitate campaign success. This includes display ads and online ad placement via social media platforms and Google Display Networks to target users with previous interaction history and prompt not-yet customers to take action. 

First-Party Data Activation

Leverage our expertise in data activation to garner valuable insights and use them effectively! We act promptly on first-party data to target and personalize your PPC campaigns that resonate with your audience, address their requirements and pain points, and enable you to drive conversions.

Full-funnel ROI tracking and more!

We employ a holistic approach to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns! We can track and evaluate your PPC campaigns across the entire customer journey, measuring their effect at various stages. From initial interaction to conversion and beyond, our full-funnel ROI tracking ensures you have clear insights into the overall effectiveness of your PPC marketing efforts and can channel your funds accordingly.

Types of PPC Services we offer!

Effective PPC marketing relies on the development of a proper strategy and the use of appropriate PPC features, leading to potential profitability. That said, it may be helpful to familiarize yourself with various types of PPC ads and understand how and when to use them. This knowledge can enable you to formulate a PPC marketing strategy that aligns with your particular marketing objectives. In this blog post, we have discussed ten various types of PPC ads that PPC management firms use normally. 

Search Ads

Paid search ads are the primary type of PPC ads and are commonly chosen by advertisers who are just starting their PPC journey. Your pay per click consultancy will select keywords, specify ad copy, and set a maximum click cost for Google Ads while taking into consideration your budget and advertising objectives. An auction system is employed to determine ad order and cost to be paid by the advertisers based on bids and quality factors. PPC search ads are identifiable by the ‘Ad’ label and can appear above or below organic listings.

Display Ads

Social ads are a popular form of paid advertising that appears in social media feeds on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Your PPC advertising company will choose a platform based on your audience’s preferences. Researching your audience helps identify the most frequented social media sites. Social media ads provide advanced targeting options, allowing accurate targeting based on location, demographics, interests, behaviors, and education. This specific targeting enhances engagement with leads, making social media ads an effective PPC type for connecting with interested audiences.

Social Ads

Social ads are a popular form of paid advertising that appears in social media feeds on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Your PPC advertising company will choose a platform based on your audience’s preferences. Researching your audience helps identify the most frequented social media sites. Social media ads provide advanced targeting options, allowing accurate targeting based on location, demographics, interests, behaviors, and education. This specific targeting enhances engagement with leads, making social media ads an effective PPC type for connecting with interested audiences.

Remarketing Ads

You may have noticed visiting a website and later noticing an ad for that same site or the specific product you viewed elsewhere. That is remarketing in action, a highly effective PPC method targeting individuals who have already expressed genuine interest in your company by visiting your website. Remarketing aims to draw these potential customers back to your site, potentially leading to conversions or purchases. Dynamic remarketing takes it a step further by displaying the exact product a visitor viewed on your site, maintaining engagement, and reminding them of the product they were interested in but did not purchase.

Google Shopping Ads

The next type of PPC ads are Google Shopping ads. These PPC campaigns usually appear in a carousel format above the primary Google search results, facilitating potential customers to preview products and prices before visiting any particular website.

Google Shopping ads primarily serve as an online shop window and offer audiences a glimpse of your products’ style and pricing without needing a click. Consequently, each click you pay for carries a higher likelihood of conversion, as visitors have already viewed your offerings and their associated costs.


PMax, or Pay Max, is a unique type of PPC advertising strategy that allows PPC campaign management services to set a maximum budget or bid limit for their campaigns. With PMax, businesses can have greater control over their spending, ensuring they do not exceed predefined budget constraints. This approach is particularly useful for businesses that prefer cost predictability and financial efficiency in their online advertising efforts. Hence, PMax offers a practical solution for those prioritizing financial control and return on investment.

Local Services Ads

Local service ads are usually exclusive to select markets like plumbers, HVAC companies, locksmiths, electricians, etc., and work independently from conventional Google ads. These ads can appear in specific local queries, providing essential business details and encouraging local customers to engage via a simple three-step setup. Local service ads serve as a valuable strategy for businesses like the ones mentioned above, increasing their visibility, and driving local leads.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP)

Gmail Sponsored Ads, manageable via Google Ads, enable businesses to advertise on. These usually look like regular emails while the ads lead users to an expanded version upon clicking, offering them the option to navigate to the advertiser’s website. Ideal for enhancing brand awareness and generating top-of-the-funnel traffic, Gmail campaigns can be assessed using specific metrics like Gmail saves, Gmail forwards, and Gmail clicks to the website. Google Ads serves as a common platform for creating and managing Gmail Sponsored Ads.

In-stream Ads

Next, we have the in-stream ads that feature in YouTube videos, presenting an opportunity to engage the internet users who regularly watch YouTube content. This well-known PPC campaign type ranges from full-screen non-skippable ads to sidebar ads and allows advertisers to reach a vast audience interested in video content. PPC advertising management services tailor ad campaigns to target specific audiences and placements to maximize the impact of in-stream ads.

Demand Gen Ads

Last but not least; we have Demand Gen which represents the evolution of Discovery campaigns. Demand Generation campaigns provide distinctive features for today’s social marketers as most consumers quickly take action upon discovering new brands or products on Google feeds such as Gmail or Discover. With Demand Gen, your top-performing video and image assets are integrated across visually engaging platforms like YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Discover, and Gmail. 

Promote your Brand with PPC Advertising- Final Thoughts

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, online businesses are multiplying at warp speed. From small businesses to e-commerce ventures, everyone is exploring online advertising for optimal conversion paths. Despite increased marketing opportunities, challenges also intensify particularly budget concerns and increasing competition. However, if we consider PPC management for small businesses in particular, PPC advertising can be helpful in terms of optimizing strategies for maximum impact within budget constraints. A reputable PPC agency will invest time in understanding your business goals and aligning your needs with the available PPC ad options.

To cater to the unique needs of smaller enterprises, your PPC consultancy will design PPC campaigns that can facilitate cost-effective targeting, efficient keyword selection, and continual adjustments to drive meaningful results and maximize ROI.


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