Effective SEO Techniques to Increase Organic Traffic in 2021


There are various people who have worked on the basics of their website and are now searching for SEO techniques that will help them increase the traffic on their website. When you launch a website there are multiple things that you have to do including, creating optimized content, keyword research and optimizing meta tags and title tags.

Google is getting smarter everyday and it is getting difficult for marketers to increase traffic on their websites. They are required to work harder and smarter to create faster and better websites. They also have to focus a lot on outdoing their competitors.

This guide has some SEO techniques that will help you retain and increase the organic traffic on your website.

Improve User Experience

There are various search engines that focus on finding the best possible result to solve the user’s query. When you are optimizing a website, you have to make sure that you are optimizing it to show the best results. This is because if your website lacks efficiency, is outdated or takes a lot of time to load, the potential user may leave the website which increases its bounce rate.

There are various techniques that you can use to improve the user experience. SEO experts should make sure that the content uploaded on the website is of good quality and easy to read. They should ensure that the speed of their website is fine and the content uploaded on it is written in the inverted pyramid style.

Design For Mobile

There are various techniques that used to be powerful in the past but not anymore. After the advent of smartphones, most of the searches and purchases are done through them. Since people are more habitual of using smartphones, SEO experts should focus on improving the mobile experience. Its performance and appearance on a desktop is also essential, but the mobile version of the website should be their priority.

Use Digital PR For Authority Backlinks

One of the greatest challenges for SEO experts is to earn authority backlinks. Backlinks are among the top three ranking factors of Google. There are various techniques to earn them but it is not as easy as it sounds. One of the strategies that will facilitate you in earning editorial votes is Digital PR.

It is similar to creating content and giving it to publishers and journalists if they want to link it within their articles. This includes infographics, expert insights, tools and calculators, etc. The trick is to deliver the right content and get editorially placed links from publications.

Write Longer Content

A study was conducted by Backlinko which proved that longer content accumulated more backlinks which helps in improving the ranking and the traffic on site. However, writing a long blog is not convenient for everybody. It is time consuming and in some cases, it is not even necessary. While searching for something, some people want a complete guide, while others wish to read only a few sentences to find out the answer.

There is no specific rule to figure out how long your content should be except for using your common sense. You have to ask yourself about the information you would look for when you are targeting a certain keyword. This will give you a clear perspective.

Benefit From The YouTube SEO

YouTube videos mostly appear in the search results whenever you are looking for something. YouTube is one of the most popular websites that is used frequently by users. Many SEO experts do not consider YouTube when they list down search engines. Video marketing may not be the accurate technique for every industry. However, it is a powerful tool and should be used whenever possible. This is the best time to play with video marketing.

SEO techniques include giving a title to your video, writing a description, customizing the thumbnail of the video according to the title and creating a video playlist.

Creating A Diverse Backlink

Links are still an essential element of SEO. It does not mean that all sorts of links will be beneficial. Spammy links can harm your website. Links from an older domain are more likely to pass good value, while those from a newer domain or low DA website do not pass good value.

There are various things that you should keep in your mind when you are creating a link portfolio. Whenever you are promoting any content, make sure you are not only targeting big websites because small websites also add value. Small sites are usually more niche specific and responsive.

Consistently Update Content

Consistently updating content on your website is one of the techniques that help you in increasing traffic. The first thing you have to do while updating old content is checking its metrics. By using various tools, you can check the overall performance and analyze the user’s behavior.

You are also required to replace old stats with the latest information. Replacing broken links and adding multimedia elements on your website is also an essential part. Adding infographics and embedding posts from other social media platforms makes your website interesting. Divide your content in various sub-headings and do not forget to use the mobile version to make sure it is formatted well.

Final Thoughts

Content is the king of a website but users have the power to dethrone it. Taking care of the perspective of your readers will hail your content and will increase the organic traffic on your website. This article has some of the effective techniques that will help you increase organic traffic in 2021.